Nixon Watergate Exhibit

The Issue

Hoping to keep young, technically-savvy visitors engaged, National Archive officials wanted to incorporate technology into their update of the Watergate Exhibit at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum. The original exhibit, designed in 1990, included a timeline wall display with static artwork and push buttons that played an audio clip. But the goal for the new exhibit was to include interactive displays and digital technologies so visitors could have fun while learning.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to create an interactive kiosk system featuring video and audio clips from the Nixon Watergate archives. Each kiosk was expected to correspond to a thematic timeline of the Watergate scandal. Additional requirements included the capacity to collect visitor contact information to facilitate communication between the museum and its visitor base and the ability for patrons to enter visit feedback, which, if approved, would then be visible to other museum visitors.

The Solution

Mind Over Data developed the “Watergate Wall” interactive. This system consists of five touch screen kiosks, all of which are customized with an attract loop to draw visitors' attention, easy to navigate main and secondary menus and detail pages containing corresponding audio and video clips. Mind Over Data also created a secure, database driven, Content Management System for the museum and a Visitor Book, which captures visitor contact information, guest feedback and allows users to sign up for the Nixon Exhibit Newsletter.

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