GRAMMY Museum Mississippi

The Issue

To create an educational and engaging experience for visitors at the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi, the first GRAMMY Museum built outside of Los Angeles, museum officials wanted to employ high-definition touchscreens and interactive technology. Exhibits, allowing patrons to learn about GRAMMY® award winners, the achievements and influences of important Mississippians and the creative and technological processes of recording songs, were expected to be visually appealing and to incorporate accessibility accommodations.

The Request

Mind Over Data was tasked with developing eight different interactive kiosk templates designed to control 25 kiosks throughout the museum. Each set of kiosks was expected to pull data from a main content repository and be easily update-able by staff to ensure the latest information about the artists and their work was being presented. Other requirements included: a 14-foot music table with sound and, for several of the kiosks, the ability to track and display viewed and 'favorited' statistics.

The Solution

Mind Over Data provided the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi with eight distinctive, configurable, interactive kiosk templates, some allowing the museum to display the same content with different attract screens, and all using a central database. A custom Content Management System (CMS), which provided the client with the ability to manage the kiosk content, was also developed. The main attraction, the 14-foot Mississippi Music Table, created by connecting six 55-inch monitors, allows 12 users (two per monitor) to simultaneously explore GRAMMY® Award winners and nominees from Mississippi, the people they were influenced by and the contemporary artists they have inspired. To create a seamless application encompassing all 12 application work spaces, and provide audio for each, Mind Over Data developed a method for sharing individual application information among all the other running applications. Analytics on popular content (viewed and 'favorited') and swipe-and-share functionality, allowing users to share interesting entries with their nearest neighbor, were also provided. The Singer/Songwriter interactive provides visitors with the ability to explore the creative process by writing a song verse and recording it, and the Producer/Engineer interactive allows them to explore the art and technology of the recording process by selecting instruments, adding sound effects and mixing their recording. The GRAMMY Archives provides patrons with a searchable database focused on artist categories (Artist, Recording Title, Award Year, The Top Four & Genre) and award categories (Hall of Fame Awards, GRAMMY® Awards & Special Merit Awards). The Album of the Year, Mississippi Music Bar and the Culture Shock interactive exhibits offer users the opportunity to learn more about the highly coveted Album of the Year award, GRAMMY® winners from Mississippi in all genres and the inextricable links between music and culture, respectively. The Mono to Surround interactive allows visitors to access video and audio clips of popular songs though various recording media such as gramophone, 8-track and MP3.

    Mississippi Grammy Table
  • MS Grammy Music Bar MS Grammy Music Bar
    Mississippi Grammy Music Bar
  • MS Grammy Singer MS Grammy Singer
    Mississippi Grammy Singer/songwriter