The GRAMMY Hall of Fame

The Issue

The GRAMMY Museum, an interactive, educational museum devoted to the history and winners of the GRAMMY® Awards, located in Los Angeles CA, had just launched their new GRAMMY Hall of Fame exhibit. But this exhibit, which featured an interactive kiosk system designed to enable visitors to explore GRAMMY music and awards and museum staff to update content, was not operating as efficiently or effectively as expected. Displays randomly crashed, search results returned were not always accurate, and each of the eight kiosks had to be updated individually to keep award winner information current.

The Request

Mind Over Data was approached by GTOO Media, an exhibit media design services company working with the GRAMMY Museum, to fix the existing system. The original system was set up to store data in individual flat files with no correlation to each other. Designing it that way meant that there was no effective way to associate artists, albums, and music and required museum staff to update each kiosk individually. After a thorough review of the source code and data files, Mind Over Data determined that it would be more expensive to correct all the problems in the current system than to create an entirely new system with a relational database. GTOO agreed with the assessment and asked Mind Over Data to develop a reliable kiosk system with a centralized database and content management system, which could be accessed via a web browser on any computer hooked into the kiosk network.

The Solution

Mind Over Data developed a stable, completely custom, content management solution which marshals each and every artifact so it can be organized and distributed to the museum kiosks with just a few mouse clicks. In another efficiency improvement, each of the eight kiosks communicate back to the central database to get display items, search results and the latest content. The new system provides the GRAMMY Museum with a simple and robust means to inform, attract and retain their visitors and enable museum administrators to secure, expand and maintain a definitive and readily accessible record of all GRAMMY nominations and awards.

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