150-Year Anniversary Interactive Timeline

The Issue

To celebrate its 150-Year Anniversary, First Tennessee Bank (FTB), a regional bank with 170 branch locations, wanted an engaging museum-style exhibit which would allow visitors to explore the bank's history via text, images and video.

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to develop and oversee the design, fabrication and installation of a state-of-the-art, interactive timeline exhibit showcasing milestones in FTB, Tennessee and United States' history.

The Solution

Mind Over Data developed and installed a custom software application highlighting historic and historical events on three timelines (FTB, Tennessee and the United States). The timelines, which scroll at different speeds to provide an interesting parallax effect, display on two separate 70” multi-touch LED screens, each of which allows up to 3 individual portals, so 3 visitors can interact with the exhibit software at the same time. Touching any timeline image opens an informational portal, revealing more detailed information (text, image and/or video) about the event. Navigation is provided by a timeline selector, swipe motions and left and right arrows allow users to click through all events on the selected timeline. Mind Over Data also created a custom, web-based Content Management System, which allows FTB staff to add and edit exhibit content. In addition, Mind Over Data provided comprehensive project management and production supervision, working closely with the physical exhibit structure designer and the exhibit fabricator to ensure all client needs were met and that the project was completed on schedule. 

  • UPDATEME First Tennessee Exhibit
    First Tennessee Exhibit
  • UPDATEME First Tennessee Kiosk
    First Tennessee Kiosk
  • UPDATEME First Tennessee Exhibit
    First Tennessee Exhibit