Fire Safety Arcade Games

The Issue

The Fire Museum of Memphis (FMOM), a local museum dedicated to collecting, preserving and sharing the history of fire service in Memphis and providing fire prevention and safety education to the public, wanted to revamp their event booking process and upgrade the fire safety program game system in their Arcade Room Exhibit. The existing game system, which was implemented more than 10 years previously, did not reflect current fire safety and prevention education curriculum objectives, or include the ability to collect data which could be used to measure the effectiveness of the public education program used by the museum and firefighters during their visits to area schools. FMOM was also interested in using state-of-the-art interactive technology to make the games more entertaining and fun for visitors.

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to help build a system which would include a workflow for scheduling visitors to the FMOM, and kiosk software designed to educate and test user’s fire and life safety knowledge in a fun and engaging way. The software was also expected to address the present fire safety and prevention education curriculum, and provide museum staff with the ability to track test results for later analysis. 

The Solution

Mind over Data developed a scheduling system, custom kiosk software for two interactive games, a kiosk wrapper application, which launches the kiosk software, and a backend system which includes a centralized database and administration module. The scheduling system allows group organizers to schedule visits to the museum and the backend system allows museum administrators to supervise scheduling, track quiz results, run reports and manage the kiosks. Two versions of the educational games, which employ the latest touch screen and interactive media technology to quiz visitors on different fire and life safety scenarios, were created. The senior version (designed for older children who can read), utilizes a question and answer format and the junior version (designed for younger children), uses visual representation and graphics. The system was built in a way so that it could be expanded to manually or automatically feed data to other systems in the future.  

    Fire Safety Games Kiosks in FMOM Arcade Room 
    Junior Fire Safety Game - Playground Screen with Possible Answers
    Children Playing Junior Fire Safety Game on Interactive Kiosk in FMOM Arcade Room