Armenian Genocide Museum of America

The Issue

Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial, Inc. wanted to develop a virtual museum to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and to educate American and International audiences about this tragedy.

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to create the Armenian Genocide Virtual Museum of America (AGMA), a one-of-a-kind, online, browser-based interactive, with a variety of media content, intended to enable visitors to interact digitally with historical visual assets and artifacts. The project was broken into several phases, the first of which was expected to launch in conjunction with the April 2015, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. 

The Solution

In Phase 1, Mind Over Data provided a Home page and a condensed version of the main story of the Armenian Genocide, known as the “Dynamic Narrative”. The Home page included: text, images, an embedded overview video (which expands to full-screen), primary navigation linking to additional pages, and access to the Dynamic Narrative and additional pertinent information. The Dynamic Narrative was built to provide multisensory engagement, via images, text, audio (including traditional Armenian music accompaniment), oral testament videos and a variety of animated elements. A navigational timeline tool, which allows users to quickly and easily move to a specific section of the Dynamic Narrative (identifiable by thumbnail images that are displayed when you mouse over them), was also provided. Later phases will deliver chapter and article pages (with text, images and non-full-screen videos), a high-resolution, interactive map of events with roll-overs for more information, a “Take Action Form” to allow visitors to sign-up to receive museum newsletters and/or add their names to petitions, a Content Management System which will enable the client to create, update and delete text and graphics, and mobile app functionality.

    AGMA Home Screen
    AGMA Dynamic Narrative Navigational Timeline Tool
    AGMA Dynamic Narrative Popup