Wright Medical/Sales Roster

The Issue

Changes to their sales hierarchy structure, prompted the need for Wright Medical Group, N.V., a global medical device company, headquartered locally, to update their sales rep information management system (known as the Sales Roster). 

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to modify the front-end and the back-end of the Sales Roster to incorporate the new business logic and to expand search capabilities on the customer facing User Interface (UI). Sales Roster real-time export to Excel functionality was also requested.

The Solution

Mind Over Data revised the administrative database, adding and modifying fields and linking the sales reps to their new org, region, district and role assignment. The customer facing UI was also updated to reflect the new structural changes and more search filter categories were added to increase search efficiency. In addition, Mind Over Data provided the front-end user with the ability to export to Excel in real-time all fields on all active records in the Sales Roster and the backend/admin user on all accounts flagged as in-active.