Hampton/New Hotel Ordering System

The Issue

Hampton Hotels, a member of the Hilton Family of Hotels with more than 1,900 properties worldwide, wanted to improve the process currently being used by its new hotels to order their required “Make it Hampton” supplies. The prevailing method requiring new hotels to manually fill out and submit an order form to the brand’s supply management division, presented many challenges, including the submission of incomplete or illegible information (necessitating time-consuming follow-up phone calls) and data input errors.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to create an automated ordering system which would make the process of acquiring all the brand-mandated, guest experience program items (such as signage and F&B equipment) needed to open a new hotel, easier, faster and more accurate. The innovative, new system was expected to utilize an interactive questionnaire which would walk the user through the previously time-consuming selection and purchasing process, prevent partial and indecipherable submissions (which slow down the fulfillment cycle) and reduce the risk of keystroke errors by generating and automatically delivering orders based on the answers provided.

The Solution

Mind Over Data worked with Hampton Hotels to provide a customized, database-driven, solution to meet their needs. The Hampton New Hotel Ordering System, designed to be smoothly expanded as future needs arise, uses a wizard-type approach to guide users through each piece of information that needs to be collected. Each screen in the “wizard” is driven by the database and text and picture content is stored on the server, thus allowing the client to make changes to the graphical information and text explanation areas themselves. The system allows users to “Save a Draft” and return later to complete the form, but does not allow users to submit the form until all required information has been entered. Once complete, a purchase order is automatically generated and emailed to Hilton Supply Management for fulfillment. Mind Over Data also provides monthly hosting and system maintenance for the site.

  • Hampton New Hotel Ordering System Hampton New Hotel Order Guide
    Hampton: New Hotel Ordering System - Main Screen
  • Hampton New Hotel Ordering System Hampton New Hotel Ordering System
    Hampton: New Hotel Ordering System - Guestroom Items
  • Hampton New Hotel Ordering System Hampton New Hotel Ordering System
    Hampton: New Hotel Ordering System - Front Desk Wall Presentation