VECTOR Oncology System Rebranding

The Issue

After a company name change, VECTOR Oncology (an oncology specific biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services organization, formally known as ACORN Research), wanted to rebrand its patient survey system and add some new features and functionality to the data analytics tool.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to revamp the existing survey system (developed by Mind Over Data several years earlier) to better align it with the new company brand identity. Additional enhancements intended to improve data integrity; provide patients with the means to self-select the racial and ethnic categories they identify with, in compliance with National Institutes of Health (NIH) guidelines for reporting race and ethnicity data; and allow admin staff to address patient language and communication needs were also requested.

The Solution

Mind Over Data modified the color scheme/palette of the system, incorporated the new VECTOR Oncology logo, replaced all references to the former company and provided a number of new system features. In the Client-Facing module, the ability to capture ethnicity/race information (in accordance with NIH policy) and special characters (such as hyphens commas or apostrophes) in user-inputted patient name fields was added. In the Admin module, a new method for system admins to change a patient’s default display language was provided. Greatly satisfied with the results of this project, the client has initiated further updates, which are currently in development. Mind Over Data also provides reliable, monthly web survey hosting at a competitive price.

    Vector Oncology: Survey System - Admin Module
    Vector Oncology: Patient Survey - Race/Ethnicity Updates