Student Metrics

The Issue

To meet the requirements of the Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI) Initiative, schools across the state of Tennessee, are now being required to provide additional instruction and progress monitoring for students identified as needing targeted intervention. Arlington High School (AHS), the 2nd largest high school in Shelby Co., was looking for an easier, more efficient way to organize, administer and monitor their RTI sessions. The system currently in place to manage student interventions and enrichment sessions, relied on a combination of paper and electronic spreadsheets and documents stored and shared via Google Drive. 

The Request

AHS wanted to replace its time-consuming, cumbersome RTI process with a simple, web-based, scheduling, data-management and communication system. The application was expected to provide teachers with the means to assign students to intervention or enrichment sessions, add assignment notes and details, easily view information about the sessions they are teaching (date, time, student count, room number, etc.), track attendance and send student and parental notifications/reminders about scheduled intervention or enrichment classes. A separate administration tool to manage the system was also requested.

The Solution

Mind Over Data created Student Metrics. This comprehensive, web-based software solution, with a simple user interface, provides AHS with all tools necessary to schedule, manage, track and report on the real time movement of students who need intervention or enrichment, including the ability to send email/text alerts to students and parents regarding scheduled sessions. In addition to the front-end application, Mind Over Data also created an easy to use, back-end Admin module, which permits authorized users to manage users, students, sessions and session types. Based on its success at AHS, and to help other schools manage the intervention process and satisfy the conditions of the expanding RTI model, Mind Over Data developed a new, expanded version of this time saving RTI software, with customizable inputs for teachers, students and sessions. More information is available at www.studentmetrics.com.

    Student Metrics: Front-End - Teacher Scheduled Sessions Screen
    Student Metrics: Front-End - Teacher View Session Information Screen
    Student Metrics: Back-End Admin Module - Manage Sessions Screen