Patient Attendance Improvement System Protype

The Issue

Research indicates that missed cancer treatments lead to poorer outcomes, increased costs and organizational inefficiencies, and that transportation obstacles are one of the main reasons for nonattendance. To address this, our client was interested in developing a web-based application which would provide patients with the means to conveniently reschedule their appointments, and to be connected with a transportation service company, if needed.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to create a secure, 24-hour, online appointment scheduling solution, which would allow patients to log in through a mobile device and reschedule same-day or next-day appointments. The system was also expected to automatically send new-appointment text confirmations to patients and provide access to reliable and affordable, smartphone-enabled, on-demand car service.

The Solution

Mind Over Data built the HIPAA compliant, Patient Attendance Improvement System (PAIS) Prototype, a mobile-friendly site, which gives patients more flexibility in managing their appointments. The custom back-end pulls in patient and appointment data from the cancer care clinic’s database, allowing patients to securely login, using their last name and birthday, without having to register an account. Once logged in, the front-end UI displays the patient’s upcoming appointments. To reschedule, the patient simply selects an alternate time from the list of what is available. When a new time is selected, this information is sent to the clinic for approval, and once authorized, a confirmation text is sent to the patient. In addition, an embedded link on the reschedule page also allows users to book transportation via Uber.

    PAIS: Mobile User Screens