Ogden Services Learning Management System

The Issue

Ogden Services, LLC, a local, business education & training company, was looking for a custom learning management system solution to help them upload, deliver, manage, track and report on their eLearning courses. 

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to develop an easy to use application, which would provide Ogden with all the tools necessary to upload new education/training content, organize it into courses, enroll participants and monitor and assess their progress.

The Solution

Mind Over Data developed the two-part Ogden Learning Management System (LMS). The custom back-end allows administrators to upload and update courses; enroll users in courses and automatically deliver emails with links to these courses; view course completion results; send “Reminder Emails” to users with uncompleted courses; generate basic reports; manage the various types of users and customize the Client User Interface (UI) with name, logo and custom color selections. The user-friendly, front-end UI, allows online training participants to view a list of their assigned/completed/available courses; take or retake courses and view selected course information.   

    Ogden LMS - User Screen
    Ogden LMS - Courses Screen
    Ogden LMS - Reports Screen