The Issue

National Vision, Inc. (NVI), one of the largest optical retailers in the country, wanted to implement online training to make their workplace instruction on such topics as clocking in, ringing up sales and returning merchandise, more effective, flexible, engaging and efficient.

The Request

Partnering with Orgwide, Mind Over Data was contracted to build a pared down Learning Management System (LMS). The mini-LMS was expected to provide NVI with the ability to manage, track, report and deliver their new eLearning training and development courseware.

The Solution

Working with the client to architect the process, Mind Over Data built a database structure and developed the application code for the mini-LMS system. This collaborative platform allows NVI to assign and deliver online training to employees, track and send notification of training completion and store records of completed training results. The system also allows NVI training administrators to run reports on training, selecting just one person’s results or a range of results depending on their needs. Mind Over Data also provides hosting for the system.