National Guard Products

The Issue

National Guard Products (NGP), a leading manufacturer of weather-stripping, threshold products, lite kits, louvers and glass for commercial wood and steel doors, wanted to redesign their website to provide a modern and more innovative website experience for customers, sales reps and NGP employees. Linking to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter was also a requirement for the new site.

The Request

National Guard Products contracted Mind Over Data to rewrite the NGP.com website, improve the user friendliness and self-service nature of the website, add additional functionality, (i.e. videos, saved submittals, aggregate news, etc.) and improve and simplify the site content administration.

The Solution

Working closely with NGP, Mind Over Data came up with a new and improved website design, incorporating new components which allow users to view selected YouTube videos, read Twitter feed and get Facebook updates. Using Mura CMS and ColdFusion with industry standard ColdBox framework, Mind Over Data also delivered a new Content Management System and an Administrative System, permitting NGP staff to easily update website content and manage product images, technical specifications, autocad drawings, and installation manuals.

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