Miller Wood/Image Archive System

The Issue

Miller Wood Trade Publications (MWTP), a provider of industry specific publications for suppliers and buyers of forest products, needed an improved method for adding, updating, versioning, storing and accessing their large collection of digital media files. Images and corresponding informational text were currently being stored in different shared server folders and backed up to CDs, which made it difficult and time consuming for staff to locate and retrieve files when needed. 

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to develop an Image Archive & Retrieval System with a centralized storage base, which would allow MWTP to more efficiently manage stored images, streamline backup procedures for better file protection and quickly search for and retrieve specific images.

The Solution

Mind Over Data provided a fully searchable, web browser based system for uploading, managing, and retrieving large quantities of images in one centralized location. The system is built to work with either Apple Mac or MS Windows computers and to handle upwards of 5,000 images per year in jpg and tiff formats. It is secured with a unique username password for each user and provides search and retrieval based on associated metadata tags, such as person and/or company. Mind Over Data also provides monthly hosting of the system. 

    Miller Wood: Image Archive System - Image Detail Screen
    Miller Wood: Image Archive System - Keyword Search Screen