Miller Wood/Book Listing System

The Issue

Miller Wood Trade Publications (MWTP), a company which publishes 10 wood trade publications for distribution to specialized markets worldwide, wanted to make the process of updating their print publication data easier and more accurate. The current method for verifying and updating company directory information, before submitting publications to the printer, was very time consuming as it involved manually printing validation requests and mailing labels for each of their tens of thousands of listings. The process for entering new and updated data was also lengthy, and, once entered, the information was being saved in several different databases, increasing the chance for inconsistency and redundancy. Additionally, MWTP wanted to make online searching of company directory information faster and more efficient for users.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to create a centralized database to store company directory information for all publications and for the external site. A more streamlined method for the labor-intensive process of entering new and updated company directory information, the ability to more quickly and easily generate pre-print listing validations/update requests and enhanced online company directory search capabilities were also requested.

The Solution

Mind Over Data provided MWTP with a simple, unified web solution, consisting of a centralized database and a corresponding administration system. The centralized database stores the company directory information for all publications in one place, making it easier to preserve data integrity. The corresponding, internal administration system allows MWTP staff to search, add, tag (to identify for which publications the information is intended) and edit company directory data. The new, easier to navigate, data entry process utilizes pre-populated data, multiple drop-down menus, tabs and other keyboard shortcuts, where possible, to optimize efficiency and decrease the likelihood of errors. The new automated listing validation and update request process, which generates letters in tri-fold format for insertion into No.10 business envelopes with an address window, eliminates the need for mailing labels and significantly reduces processing time. Also developed were a new set of external site search screens, which allow MWTP website visitors to search through the centralized company directory database using a variety of parameters, including Region, Company Type, Species, Product and State. Mind Over Data also provides monthly hosting of the directory database and administration system.

    MW Book Listing System: External Site - Search Screen
    MW Book Listing System: Internal Site - Company Information Screen