Miller Wood/Stock Exchange

The Issue

Miller Wood Trade Publications (MWTP), a local publishing firm which provides information and resources for the import/export lumber industry, wanted to add the ability to search for wood stock listings to their website. 

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to create a new, web-accessible application, which would allow MWTP customers to update their stock information and website visitors to search stock availability, using simple and advanced filtering options. A cross link to the Book Listing System (developed by Mind Over Data and used to manage company directory information for all publications), permitting users to easily look up additional information about specific stock providers, and a separate system administrative module was also requested.

The Solution

Mind Over Data developed the front-end Forest Products Stock Exchange application, which allows MWTP website visitors to search for domestic and imported stock listings by any combination of criteria including: geographical region, species, type and product, and to view additional details about and request information from the stock providers. The new application integrates seamlessly with the main MWTP website and the Book Listing System. Mind Over Data also delivered a two-part, back-end, Customer Administration module, which provides MWTP customers with the ability to create and update their domestic and imported stock listings on the external site, and system admins with all the tools needed to manage users and stock listing search options. Monthly web hosting services are also provided by Mind Over Data. 

    MW Stock Exchange: Front-End - Domestic [Lumber] Stock Listings Search Screen
    MW Stock Exchange: Front-End - Company Stock Listings Search Results Screen  
    MW Stock Exchange: Back-End - Customer Stock Listings Admin Module