FedEx/Marketing Analysis Program

The Issue

Federal Express Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar, global, shipping-services company, headquartered in Memphis, TN, wanted to update their method for tracking marketing budgets. The old, multi-step, manual process, which used Excel spreadsheets, was time consuming and error prone.

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to develop a customized web-based tool which would automate the process of tracking Promotions Budget & Spend for U.S. Marketing and provide the means for generating real time budget reports to ensure that funds are being used according to plan.

The Solution

The original system, The Budget System Tool (BST), was created in 2002, for one marketing organization. It has since been rolled out to most marketing organizations within the company. This tool has been enhanced over time to incorporate additional functionally, and was rebranded as The Marketing Analysis Program (MAP) in 2007. The current system allows end users to manage: vendors; projects; spending forecasts by month; contract authorization workflow and invoices; and to shift budget dollars between projects and cost centers, reconcile invoices and run detailed reports. In addition to its dynamic user interface, it also contains a specialized administrative backend. Monthly maintenance support of the system is also provided by Mind Over Data.

  • FedEx MAP FedEx MAP
    FedEx - Marketing Analysis Program (MAP)
  • FedEx MAP FedEx MAP
    FedEx: Marketing Analysis Program - Backend, Administrative Module