The Issue

When Ken & Lorin Appezzato realized what a powerful tool Quick-Response (QR) codes could be, they decided to capitalize on this amazing technology. Even if you haven't used a QR code, you've probably seen these square, barcode-like graphics, which when scanned with a smart phone connect directly to a website. Their vision was to create a place where users could produce their own personal mobile sites (featuring videos, photos and text), linked to a QR–coded Linktag, which could be generated and used in a number of ways (for example: to market their business or to provide information about an upcoming event such as wedding or a performance).

The Request

Ken & Lorin approached Mind Over Data to develop beLinkt.com, a web-based, user friendly, easy to update, mobile website creation, ecommerce and maintenance system.

The Solution

Mind Over Data created the front-end and back-end processes of beLinkt using ColdFusion, ColdBox, and the Mura Content Management System (CMS). The system's front-end consists of a main customer facing website (www.belinkt.com) and the back-end a secure administrative module to be used by beLinkt staff. The main, brochure-type CMS website, explains the company and its services and allows authorized users to edit content. The backend/administrative module, constructed using the industry standard ColdBox framework, includes: user account maintenance, an eCommerce cart for purchasing site accessories (Linktags) and a System Administration module where sysadmins can manage users/sites and print reports.

  • beLinkt LinktWorld
    Front-end, Client-Facing Module of beLinkt System