Hilton Garden Inn/New Hotel Ordering System

The Issue

Based on the success of a similar program instituted at Hampton Hotels (a member of the Hilton Family of Hotels) several years earlier, Hilton Garden Inn (another of the Hilton Worldwide brands) wanted to automate the method they had in place for ordering all the obligatory hospitality supplies needed to outfit a new hotel.

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to develop a new automated system, based on latest version of the Hampton New Hotel Ordering System, also created by Mind Over Data, which would simplify and speed up the process used by new hotels to acquire all their brand compliance initiative supplies and resources.

The Solution

Mind Over Data built, tested and implemented the Hilton Garden Inn New Hotel Ordering System, an automated ordering system for new hotels, which reduces processing time in each stage of the procurement & fulfillment cycle. The online questionnaire, which walks users through the ordering process, makes it easy for new hotels to comply to brand standards. The purchase order, which is generated by the system based on the answers to the questionnaire, but cannot be submitted until all required information is entered, saves supply management staff supplemental follow-up time and reduces the occurrence of clerical errors. Additionally, the system was built to save all orders and therefore accommodate any future order data reporting enhancements requests from the client. Monthly hosting and maintenance for this system is also provided by Mind Over Data. 

    Hilton Garden Inn: New Hotel Ordering System - Main Screen
    Hilton Garden Inn: New Hotel Ordering System - Cupola Items