Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School

The Issue

Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School (GSL), which relies on pledges for supplemental purchases and financial needs not met by tuition income, wanted to expand the outreach of their fundraising campaign by providing an efficient and convenient method of securely accepting online donations. And since for many people it makes more sense financially to spread their donations out over a period of time, instead of being required to make a lump sum payment, GSL also wanted to provide donors with a monthly/recurring installments option. 

The Request

Mind Over Data was contacted to create the screens and code needed to accept both pledges and donations through the GSL website, on a one-time or recurring basis. The ability to store transactions and to download donor pages in a PDF format was also requested.

The Solution

Mind Over Data, using ColdFusion with the industry standard Fusebox framework, provided GSL with an easy, secure online pledge and donations processing solution, allowing for the scheduling of recurring payments. Web forms, utilizing logos and colors from the existing website, were set up to capture donor and pledge information. A flexible, secure database was created to store collected donor & pledge information. An Administration Module, with separate password-protected URL, was also developed to allow the management of user accounts and the generation of a Donations & Pledges Report. In addition, Mind Over Data provides monthly hosting of the GSL site.

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    Grace St. Luke's Episcopal School - Donation/Pledge Screen