Global Package Delivery monitor

The Issue

A global, courier delivery services company, based in Memphis,TN , was developing a new shipment tracking and monitoring service, employing multiple sensors and cell technology, intended to ensure that sensitive deliveries reach their final destination in good condition. This new service would utilize a device to detect potentially damaging environmental conditions (such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and exposure to light) and to track the location of critical shipments (while in transit), wireless technology to transmit the data collected and a powerful online application to allow customers to monitor the data provided by the device.  

The Request

Mind Over Data was contracted to assist with building the custom, web-based system, which would support the GPS sensor device and provide customers with a way to continuously monitor and manage their critical shipments, communicate with their business partners about in-transit shipment conditions and take action before products are compromised. 

The Solution

Mind Over Data helped to create the system, which includes a core application server with a set of Web Service APIs for use in integrating internal and external systems, a rich customer-facing User Interface (UI), and a rich internal administrative UI. The core application server acts as a hub for connecting the communications server, database and external systems and powering both UIs. The customer-facing application allows users to track and monitor shipments (called journeys), share journey data, customize triggers and tracking settings for journeys, manage alerts and notifications, maintain an organization and customer directory, generate reports and complete basic account maintenance tasks. The management system administrative module, allows administrators and support staff to monitor shipments, analyze device data, generate reports, manage lookup tables, approve organizations for system use, manage organizations, devices and device software and firmware. 

    Customer Module - Monitor Devices, Timeline Map Screen
    Customer Module - Monitor Dashboard Screen
    Administrative Module (SAMS) - Device History, Maps Screen