ARS/Pricing Portal/Job Costing

The Issue

ARS/Rescue Rooter wanted to add a new section to their existing website, which would help them track, manage and analyze their job pricing and costing and better stay in control of their business’s profitability.

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to develop a secure, fully featured, online job costing portal, which would integrate user authentication with the existing application, allow users to create and update job costs and provide branch specific reporting.

The Solution

Mind Over Data provided ARS with an easy and efficient, customized solution to store job information, create and update their job costs and generate powerful reports.  The new portal, which consists of a landing page and a manual data entry screen for Creating/Updating job costs, allows users to save and search for forms and provides Branch specific, Regional and Corporate permission based reporting.

    ARS:Pricing Portal/Job Costing - "Search Jobs By" Screen
    ARS:Pricing Portal/Job Costing - New Job Costing Entry Form
    ARS:Pricing Portal/Job Costing - Submitted Job Costing View Form