ARS/Customer Service/Quality Assurance

The Issue

American Residential Services (ARS)/Rescue Rooter, a nationwide company that provides heating, air conditioning, plumbing and sewer & drain services, was looking to replace their outgrown Verification database application (built in MS Access and housed on each locations’ server), with a more efficient solution. 

The Request

Mind Over Data was asked to create a new web-based system to address the gaps in the functionality of the existing Verification database (used in the Customer Service Quality Assurance process), and to support 300-400 customer service representatives logging QA calls in and out of network simultaneously.

The Solution

To meet their needs, Mind Over Data developed a new, online Customer Service Quality Assurance System, which provides ARS with updated scripts (including individual forms for each service line), improved scripting logic flow; search and drop-down list functionality and the ability run reports of calls made by each branch and division. 

    ARS:Customer Service - HOME Screen
    ARS:Customer Service:Quality Assurance - New QA Call Entry Form
    ARS:Customer Service:Quality Assurance - Submitted QA Call View Form